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Welcome to your resource for being successful in mathematics. This site is more about HOW to study and HOW to learn mathematics of any kind, rather than specific mathematics tutoring - although, in the future, that may very well be possible! We're not going to turn you into a "math nerd" - but we will help you feel like a mathematical superhero!

Are you having difficulty being successful in mathematics or taking tests?

  • Do you have Math Anxiety?
  • Do you go blank when you take a test? (Whether it's a math test or any test?)
  • Are you dreading taking your next math class?
  • Is your math requirement stopping you or keeping you from your degree?
  • Do you feel like you'll never learn math?

Well - this site will really help you - I promise! We won't be officially opening our doors until after Labor Day, 2007 - BUT, in the meanwhile, visit our BLOG at

We'll also have a teacher's section - for topics of interest specifically for instructors.






This website is designed and written by Marylynne Abbott, Mathematics Instructor, Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield, MO.